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My name is Mike Perkins! I’m a Blogger, Entrepreneur and Mindset Coach.


I help individuals who feel stuck in life develop strategies so they can live happy and productive lives.

First you need to ask yourself, why do you feel stuck?

  • Are you feeling stuck because you’re unhappy in your current career?

  • Maybe you’re feeling stuck because you have a stigmatized mental illness?

  • Do you have limiting beliefs about yourself that leave you feeling stuck?

  • Are you feeling stuck because of unhealthy coping strategies for managing stress and anxiety?

  • Maybe you’re feeling stuck because of a bad mindset about money and finance?

  • There’s a chance that you’re feeling stuck because you don’t know when to take action to get unstuck?

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About Me


My Story

Starting about eight years ago I left my job as a Service Technician. The hours were long and the pay was low.

After starting off as a writer/blogger then later a Mindset Coach, I finally had the flexibility to address health problems that were put on the back burner.

My health problems were related to unhealthy levels of stress and anxiety. As a result, I dealt with severe sleep apnea, weight gain as well as high blood pressure. A sleep study was done and a CPAP machine was prescribed and as a result my symptoms improved.

My health started to improve, but it wasn’t optimal. It was around this time when my journey toward self-improvement began. I started by getting into shape by taking up hiking, biking and weight lifting and learned more about nutrition as well as holistic health. 

I also had to become mindful or self-aware of other factors such as feeling stuck in a dead end situation as well as unhealthy coping strategies.

My knowledge as well as experiences come together for the Mindful Mastermind.

Here’s an article from our blog if you’re interested: “How To Shift Your Money Mindset”

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