CBD oil and Anxiety!

As part of a series of blogs about CBD oil we will be discussing the relationship between CBD oil and anxiety.

I’m not a medical professional. The purpose of this blog post is to share my experience and information about CBD oil. I’ve learned about it through science backed research, testimonials from other users and from what I’ve learned.  

Anxiety is a condition characterized by excessive worry and restlessness brought on by stress. It comes in many forms such as general anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder or PTSD.

I personally struggle with an anxiety disorder and my symptoms include panic attacks, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, head pressure and being unable to sleep. I started taking CBD oil to find relief.

What was my experience with anxiety treatments?

The most common form of treatment for anxiety is therapy. This involves sitting down with a licensed counselor or psychotherapist who will help you understand your problem. Techniques that are used include exposure therapy and challenging the irrational thoughts that cause excessive worry.  

Another option for treatment is taking medication. It is beneficial for most anxiety patients to take them, but the side effects from these medications can be unpleasant.

When I was in high school I was diagnosed with ADHD. The symptoms included anxiety and depression and the doctor prescribed an antidepressant called effexor XR. The initial dosage was 37.5 mg and it was eventually raised to 300 mg.

The side effects of effexor XR included weight gain, high blood pressure, brain fog, worsening depression and anxiety. At the same time I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea and had to be prescribed a CPAP machine. My symptoms started to improve at that point, however the next challenge was ahead of me.

With the help of a medical professional the dosage of Effexor XR was gradually lowered over the course of a year, but withdrawal symptoms included brain zaps (mini seizures), worsening anxiety and depression, aches and pains and dizziness. I’m currently taking only 150 mg.

I started taking CBD oil due to recurrent episodes of anxiety and depression and it immediately had a positive effect on my mental health. I have a sleep disorder caused by anxiety and I noticed right away that I started sleeping better and didn’t feel anxious. As time went on I experienced additional benefits including lower blood pressure, no brain fog and improved depression.

Is CBD oil addictive?

One major benefit of taking CBD oil for anxiety is that its not addictive.

Is it true that CBD oil triggers hippocampus regeneration?

Let’s start by by asking, What is the hippocampus? It is a portion of the human brain that is the center for emotion, short term and long term memory and spatial navigation.

There are conditions that can cause the hippocampus to shrink including chronic stress and anxiety, dementia and brain injury. When this happens it can cause increased depression,

anxiety and memory loss.

A study was done by Cannabinoid Research on the relationship between CBD oil and other cannabis products and hippocampus shrinkage. There is a connection between the amount of THC and the amount of hippocampus shrinkage. The study showed that the cannabis products that contains high amounts of THC cause the most shrinkage but if its a product with more CBD and less THC there is less shrinkage.

There is evidence that CBD (specifically CBD oil) has neuroprotective effects on the hippocampus. If you refer back to my previous blog I described the endocannabinoid system.

I mentioned that there were two receptor types CB1 and CB2. CBD oil acts on CB2 receptors by triggering neurogenesis by increasing the number of viable brain cells and decreasing the number of injured ones. When this happens the shrinkage that can occur in the hippocampus is reversed and the amount of stress and anxiety is decreased and memory is improved.

What are the side effects of CBD oil?

CBD oil has few side effects that  occur if the dosage is too high and they are different for everybody.

The research shows that using too much CBD oil may trigger a number of side effects including:

  • Dry mouth
  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Possible liver effects

When CBD oil interacts with the endocannabinoid system it can inhibit the production of saliva and cause dry mouth.   

In a large amount dose CBD oil can cause diarrhea.

Dizziness occurs when too much CBD oil is taken, because there is a chance that your blood pressure can get too low.

CBD oil can cause drowsiness. For me this is an unintended benefit it worked as a good sleep aid due to sleep problems.

There are also possible safety concerns if you take certain medications, because there may be an increase in liver enzymes when they react with CBD oil so consult a doctor beforehand.

If you want to learn more the side effects from CBD click on the link below.


Despite the minor side effects CBD oil is a product that can help many people not just to treat anxiety, but many other ailments. My experience will hopefully be an inspiration for others suffering from chronic health issues. However, before I started taking CBD oil I consulted with a professional first.

If you want to know more about CBD oil here is a link to my previous blog. http://themindfulmastermind.com/2019/05/06/what-is-cbd-oil/

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How do you deal with anxiety?

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