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Rediscovering Self Confidence After A Setback

Life is strange! 

Sometimes you win and other times you lose. 

When life is going well you feel good about yourself.

Life can also throw you a curveball that can set you back. Most setbacks are minor and don’t throw your life off track, examples include being turned down for a promotion, being rejected by a love interest or if you have a cold.

However there are major setbacks that can happen that interrupt your progress, can keep you from finding success and make you feel like you’re stuck.

What Are Some Examples Of Major Setbacks?

  • Job Loss: There’s nothing more stressful than a job loss. It becomes a setback when you have to leave the workforce and retrain due to obsolete job skills.
  • Financial Setbacks: It’s challenging when you have a financial setback, whether you’re unable to pay your mortgage, your credit card debt or your student loans.
  • Divorce/End Of Relationship: A divorce/end of relationship is not only a financial setback, but also an emotional one.
  • Unexpected Expenses: These are expenses that you don’t see coming, but can throw your life off. For example you might be facing a medical emergency and have to go to the ER. Also, the ailment you’re going to the ER for may require emergency surgery.
  • Major Illness: Dealing with health setbacks is tough. Whether you’re dealing with a physical ailment such as diabetes or a mental health condition such as bipolar disorder.

Consequences Of Setbacks?

Life altering setbacks can make you feel stuck. You may end up feeling defeated, leave you doubting yourself and having less self-confidence.

Major Setbacks can be damaging to your self-esteem and can lead to down a downward spiral. When this happens it can make a situation worse.

How To Rebuild Your Self-Confidence?

Setbacks, whether they alter your life or not are a part of life. You’re going to face adversity sometimes, but instead of letting your baggage get the best of you it’s important to see a setback as a time to take action.

Tips For Bouncing Back:

  • Take Your Time: Overcoming a major setback doesn’t happen overnight it may take months or even years to achieve. Meanwhile take your time to work on yourself so you reemerge more resilient. This can be achieved by eating the right foods, exercising, reflecting on past mistakes.
  • Challenge Limiting Beliefs: When you’re feeling stuck you may see yourself in an unhealthy way and have unhealthy beliefs about yourself. Challenging these beliefs puts us in a more positive life state and help us overcome setbacks. Please click below to learn more about overcoming limiting beliefs.

  • Be Grateful: Gratitude is a warm feeling of thankfulness toward the world, or toward specific individuals. When you’re grateful you feel thankful for what you have.
  • Surround Yourself With The Right People: Surround yourself with people who love and support you. They encourage you to ignore negativity along with making you happy.

How Do You Overcome Challenging Setbacks?

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2 thoughts on “Rediscovering Self Confidence After A Setback

  1. Great post, some good tips thanks, I especially like gratitude and reflection 👌

    1. Gratitude is a great thing, because you could’ve been in a worse situation than the one you climbed out of. I have bipolar disorder and I’m grateful that it can be managed successfully. I found out that I my great uncle had schizoaffective disorder which is bipolar disorder that includes schizophrenia.

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