What To Do To Get Unstuck In Life?

What To Do To Get Unstuck In Life?

In today’s post we’ll be asking ourselves this question, “What To Do To Get Unstuck In Life”?

We’ll explore what feeling stuck in life means.

It’s not always the best feeling. As a result feeling stuck can lead to anxiety and depression.

Also we’ll explore what to do to get unstuck in life.

What It Means To Feel Stuck?

Feeling stuck in life or feeling like we’re hitting the wall is something we will all feel at one time or another.

Examples include being recent college graduate who is entering the workforce as well as someone who has grown unhappy in their chosen profession. Also if you’re unhappy in your personal life it can be a painful emotion. 

Another example that’s overlooked is feeling stuck because of a life situation.

If you’re diagnosed with a chronic health problem such as bipolar disorder you might feel boxed in. As a result you might have limiting beliefs about yourself. Also you might find yourself merely surviving instead of thriving.

Feeling stuck or “stuckness” can make you feel like you’re drowning in mud. As a result you feel like you can’t make progress in your live. Also you feel like your live should be different than it is.

It’s a feeling that happens when it’s time to make a change, especially when something isn’t working for you anymore.

What Are Some Signs That You’re Feeling Stuck?

Before becoming unstuck its important to see why you’re stuck in the first place.

 When we’re feeling stuck in life there are many signs that include:

It’s Hard To Get Excited About Anything:

Stuckness can cause you to become depressed as well as cause you to see the world in a less upbeat way.

When upbeat music is played on the radio it doesn’t excite you. Also you start seeing the world in black and white rather than in vivid colors. Ten you become an overall boring person to be around.

You Keep Reminiscing About The Past:

Being nostalgic about past memories brings us comfort and joy from time to time.

However, feeling stuck causes you to use past memories to substitute present experiences that you see as unpleasant. 

You’re Always Daydreaming About A Different Life:

Feeling stuck can cause you to daydream.

It ususally about being somewhere else rather than where you are now. This can be a problem, because daydreaming too much can become a form of self-sabotage. Also it can ruin your long-term goals toward improving your life.

Feeling That Your Life Has No Purpose:

It’s a myth that money is the only motivator. Along with making money it’s important to be in a line of work that gives you a sense of purpose. This can include something that makes you happy or feels rewarding.

Staying Put, Because It Feels “Safe”:

Some people feel stuck, because they feel like there are no other alternatives.

They feel that they have to stay somewhere despite being unhappy, because it’s the “safe” thing to do.

Feeling Unwell On A Regular Basis:

Due to the stress and anxiety of feeling stuck in an unhappy situation you’ll find yourself feeling unwell on a regular basis. For example, if you have a job that stresses you out it may cause stomach issues.

When you take steps to become unstuck your stomach may still bother you.

Neglecting Your Health and Well-Being:

Feeling stuck in life is a downward spiral that affects many aspects of your life.

Chronic stress and anxiety can lead to depression and that can cause you to neglect your health and well-being, whether you stop exercising, eating a poor diet or neglecting your love life.

What To Do To Get Unstuck In Life?

Many people end up staying stuck and unhappy for many reasons.

Reasons may include liking or depending on the financial stability that their job provides. As a result they may fear change or fear failure. Also they may not have the education or resources to make a change.

However, there are some simple and realistic ways of getting unstuck.

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Tips For Becoming Unstuck:

Letting Go Of The Past:

Holding on to the past is not a good thing.

Whether it’s unresolved baggage from a bad relationship, a past job or from a bad financial decision it can cause us to sabotage ourselves. As a result we start asking ourselves “What If” questions.

If we look back at these memories and learn from them then let them go we can set ourselves free from baggage. The more baggage we release the more unstuck we feel.

Change Your Perspective:

 After letting go of the past take a break from your current situation.

For example activities such as hiking, fishing or meditate help clear your mind. As a result you can gain a new perspective about your life.

You’ll notice that you feel unstuck when you learn how to see your life in a different way.

Take Baby Steps:

Remember that small baby steps toward becoming unstuck in life can lead to big things. For example, you can start reflecting on your life and start working toward what you truly want, instead of what other people want.

Explore Your Purpose:

Your life purpose is what makes you feel alive.

I’m referring to the you’re passionate about including a job that you enjoy doing, helping others reach their full potential or growing as a human.

In a previous post we were exploring “The Importance Of Having A Purpose”. If you’re interested in reading it again, please click here.

Consider Hiring A Life Coach:

An interesting idea for becoming unstuck in life is to hire a life coach.

The benefits of hiring a life coach include getting help with providing clarity, commitment as well as visioning your success.

Also they encourage self-reflection, providing strategies as well as goals to suit your needs.

Practice Being Hopeful:

We might feel stuck, because of feelings of protective pessimism.

It’s brought on by having a lot of disappointments in your life. However, when you need to change and overcome this negative way of thinking it helps to practice something that inspires hope. These include meditation, prayer or reading inspirational books.

Soon you’ll notice that you feel unstuck after filling your life with hopefulness.

Seek Professional Help:

Some people might feel stuck because of an underlying mental health problem such as bipolar disorder.

I know from experience that episodes of bipolar disorder can change in how you perceive your life. If this is a problem that persists see a medical professional.


After learning how to feel unstuck in life there’s more you can do. For example it’s hard to break old habits, unless you learn some new habits you may up feeling stuck again.

A new habit you can learn is to resist inertia.

Inertia is the resistance to change. Once you overcome that your life will feel unstuck.

If you want to learn more about changing habits, please check out my post “Habits That Lead To Success” by clicking here!

When you feel stuck what do you do?

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