How To Not Fall Prey To A Mob?!

What is a mob? Is it the same as a group? What happens when you fall prey to one? Want to learn how to not fall prey to a mob?!

What Is A Group And When Is It A Mob?

A group is a number of people who gather together or have some unifying relationship.

Members of a group have the same interests or aims, they organize to work or act together for a common outcome. Also, groups can play a role in creating mutual benefits such as better health and well being for all of its members.

The decision to create or join a group is driven by reason more so than emotion.

What Is A Mob?

The word mob has a few meanings, it can be a group of criminals or a large amount of people gathering in one spot. For this post, we’ll define a mob as a large group of people who are either angry, violent or hard to control. Also, they’re getting together for a bad cause.

Being part of a mob might result in a mob mentality.

What Is A Mob Mentality?

A mob mentality happens when you act the same way or adopt similar behaviors as the people around you. It can be the result of a heightened emotional state that increases excitement, hostility as well as anger. As a result, you lose your sense of identity and you may make poor decisions based on being overly emotional, rather than being rational.

In a mob, your sense of identity is gone. All of your sense of self as well as responsibility is gone and power is gained due to the group’s dynamic.

Examples of a Mob Mentality:

  • Investors Inflating A Stock Market Bubble: It’s pretty common for a lot of stock market investors to follow the actions the others. For example, an overvalued stock can go up because of a group of people excited about it. As a result, they’re pumping money into it.

  • FOMO On Social Media: FOMO is the anxiety and motivation social media users feel when they want to belong to a group, an event or even a moment that other users are involved in.

  • Black Friday Shoppers: Shopping on Black Friday can easily result in a mob mentality. Shoppers may have more of a sense of competition and urgency. This may lead to behaviors such as pushing and shoving as well as physical violence.

  • Excited Sports Fans: Being a sports fan is a great thing and it’s good for your health. However, other fans of your favorite team have the potential to turn into a mob if they’re excited enough.

  • Religious Cults: It’s true that not all cults are religious based, but many are. A cult is a group of people who share a common ideology and is led by a charismatic leader who manipulates their members.

  • Rioters: There are many reasons why riots happen. They happen because of poverty, oppression, unemployment as well as the outcome of a sporting event. Negative circumstances combined with a mob mentality can lead to a riot.

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What Are Some Common Causes And Outcomes?

Human beings have a natural desire to be part of a group. However, when we’re emotionally charged due to fear, anxiety as well as stress toward the unknown, groups can quickly turn into mobs.

Here’s an example, as the COVID-19 pandemic still rages on even after two years, mob mentality has become more common.

As a result, many people do things out of character for them. The anxiety and stress brought on by the pandemic has caused you to hoard toilet paper because other members of the group are doing it too.

Mob mentality during this time has led to darker outcomes. Some groups have resisted health mandates, while others don’t. There’s even been violence at COVID-19 designated hospitals as well as quarantine centers.

The pandemic related mob mentality has led to a more divided society, more fear and anxiety as well as stress.

A question you might be asking yourself is how do you not fall prey to a mob?!

How To Not Fall Prey To A Mob?!

Let’s learn more how to not fall prey to group think that makes a mob.

1. Learn How To Think Critically:

Critical thinking involves analyzing facts in order to make better decisions. Also, it’s a perfect tool for not falling prey to mob mentality.

By thinking critically, you’ll be able to think outside the box when a group of people are trying to put you in one. It enables you to see beyond, not judge, cultural norms and understand other factors that influence decision-making.

2. Develop Coping Strategies:

There are many people who fall prey to mobs because of anxiety, fear and stress. As a result, they may join a group because it makes them feel safe.

However, in order to fit into the group, they may adjust their personal views. They may end up feeling more stressed because everyone in the group is just as anxious.

A good coping strategy in this situation would be to spend some time on your own. One of best ways to cope with stress and anxiety is to spend time in nature and also focus on something else.

3. Stop And Think:

When mob mentality takes over, you may not be aware of how it changes your behavior. This is due to your decision- making being based on pure emotion instead of reason.

If you’re aware of your actions before something happens, it helps to stop and think.

When you stop and think, you’re able to stop yourself from doing things you don’t want to do. As a result, you not only prevent someone or something from getting hurt, you also keep yourself out of trouble.

4. Disconnect From Media:

Mass media can be a not so positive influence. If a group of people are already stressed and anxious, news coverage about something triggering can make the stress and anxiety worse.

By disconnecting from news media and especially social media, you’ll notice your level of stress and anxiety comes down. Also, less anxiety can lead to less of a mob mentality.

Have You Ever Fallen Prey To A Mob?

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