Can Feeling Stuck Be A Mindset?

Here’s an interesting question that came up in a conversation! Can Feeling Stuck Be A Mindset?

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What Does It Mean To Feel Stuck?

Feeling stuck in life means to feel trapped in a rut. It can feel like you’re hitting the wall, feeling stuck can mean you’re not progressing in life.

Sometimes you may feel stuck because of factors you have no control over, such as an illness or job loss. However, feeling stuck can also be a mindset.

Ask Yourself This Question! Why Do You Feel Stuck?

Here are some reasons why you might feel stuck. These may or may not relate to you.

Limiting Beliefs:


Limiting beliefs are negative thoughts, convictions or opinions that you believe to be the absolute truth. They can hold you back in some shape or form.

As a result, limiting beliefs can prevent you from growing and can keep you feeling stuck.

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Bad Advice:


Some people can give you advice that’s bad.

They mean well, but their advice can leave you feeling stuck and shape a negative mindset.

For example, parents can give bad career advice. They don’t intend for it to be bad advice, but they’re too emotionally involved and can’t separate their advice from their connection to their kids. As a result, they can give advice that revolves around fear and anxiety.

Bad advice can lead to a stuck mindset in many ways. It can stop whatever forward momentum you have in your life, fear and anxiety cloud your decision-making and also cause long-term problems in your life overall.

Social Pressure To Conform:


When you were in school, were you pressured to conform? Depending on your background, you may have been forced to dumb yourself down to avoid being bullied or even just to fit in.

Even as an adult, do you feel ostracized for wanting to better yourself? Some people try to keep you in a box and when you better yourself, they may feel threatened.

Depending on social background, you can end up feeling stuck because you give in social pressure to conform to mediocrity.

Mediocrity can leave you stuck in life.

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The Economy:

It is true that the economy in the US benefits a smaller number of people than ever before. Also, it’s true that social mobility is harder for more people.

However, it’s true that there are people working in certain sectors that are doing well, but others feel stuck making a stagnant wage.

If you don’t know where to look for opportunity, you’ll feel stuck and it will affect your mindset.

Thinking Everything Is A Scam:

It’s true that there are many things that are too good to be true or total bullshit. However, if you have a cynical belief that everything is a scam, it can keep you from taking advantage of opportunities that come your way.

What Are Some Problems?

Feeling stuck is a toxic mindset that causes depression and anxiety. The longer you feel stuck, the harder it is to move forward.


Overtime you’ll think there’s no hope and as a result you’ll feel more depressed and anxious. Having a negative mindset can not only lead to a slippery slope that leaves you feeling more stuck, it can keep you in a place you don’t want to be in.

Here’s some good news! It’s not too late to shift your mindset.

Overcoming And Shifting Your Mindset

Our brains are hardwired for a negative bias that causes us to focus on bad things. Having a negative bias affects your behavior and decisions, it shapes your overall mindset.

It’s true you’ll remember negative things more than positive ones. For example, you’ll remember bad advice, bad experiences as well as bad or limiting beliefs. As a result, you’ll feel stuck in life and have a negative mindset.

Along with bad advice, limiting beliefs as well as bad experiences, there are other factors that can make you feel stuck. These include black and white thinking as well as lack of self-confidence.

Don’t Worry! It’s Not Too Late To Shift Your Mindset!

Shifting your mindset from feeling stuck to living life on purpose starts by forgiving yourself for past mistakes. Forgive yourself for accepting bad advice, challenge your limiting beliefs and learn to see bad experiences as opportunities to learn.

It helps to challenge black and white thinking. What does that mean?

Black and white thinking is a thought pattern that makes you think in absolutes. It’s a toxic all or nothing thought pattern that can leave you feeling stuck.

For example, if you see a work situation as either very good or very bad, it can make you feel anxious and fearful. It can lead to more self-doubt as well as poor decision-making. As a result, you feel stuck and lack confidence to move forward in your career.

Changing How You Think

Black and white thinking can be hard to overcome, but it helps to learn to think critically.

Critical thinking allows you to think about both the very good and very bad in an unbiased way. It helps you rule out all possibilities and make better decisions. As a result, you’ll be able to see opportunity with a clearer mindset.

For example, you may feel hopeless because you’re in a situation that’s seen as hopeless. Instead of seeing it as hopeless, see it as a challenge that can be overcome.

Overtime, you’ll not only move forward in your career, but also have more confidence because you’re moving forward.


Feeling stuck can be a negative mindset. However, it’s possible to shift this mindset and you’ll be closer to living a better life.

Have You Ever Had A Negative Mindset That Left You Feeling Stuck?

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