The Benefits Of Being A Misfit

Are you a misfit? Do you do what everyone else does? What are the benefits of being a misfit?

What Is A Misfit?

A misfit is a person who doesn’t fit in or conform with the rest of society. They’re the shy kid you knew in school who wasn’t part of any clique, they also didn’t do what every else did.

A misfit is not easily accepted by other people, they have behavior that’s different than everyone else. For example, they might go by a different moral code, they might have a different background or they may not conform to society’s rules.

Being a misfit doesn’t just happen to kids in school. It also happens to adults!

Being a misfit has its problems, but it also has its benefits.

Signs That You’re A Misfit

Here are some signs that you’re a misfit!

Signs Include:

  • Not Following Cultural Norms: Cultural norms are standards we all live by. Misfits live by their own standards, which can conflict with norms that others live by and believe in.

  • Always Standing Out: Being a misfit means you’re always standing out. It doesn’t just boil down to looking different, but also acting different.

  • Having A Social Circle Made Up Of Other Misfits: Being a misfit yourself, you’re able to connect with people that are different. They might also have different ideas as well as points of view that lead to success.

  • Feeling Poorly Adapted To Your Environment: Have you ever had a hard time fitting into certain social environments? It’s a sign you’re a misfit if you can’t conform no matter what.

  • You’re More Creative Than Your Peers: Sometimes being a misfit makes you more creative than your peers.

  • You Can Think Outside The Box: Since you’re a creative misfit who doesn’t follow cultural norms, you’re able to think outside the box.

What Are Some Common Problems

Being a misfit comes with its own set of problems.

If you’re unable or unwilling to conform to cultural norms, it can cause feelings of alienation as well as loneliness. Also, being a misfit causes feelings of insecurity about who you are, largely due to be treated like an outcast by your peers.

When you were growing up, you might have been bullied for being a misfit. As a result, you might suffer from social anxiety, which is a fear of being judged by others. Also, it causes you to be anxious in social settings.

Despite having unique abilities or seeing the world differently, you might still feel insecure. As a result, you’re always comparing yourself to others and you might try in vain to fit in.

Fitting into an environment you don’t belong to causes additional social anxiety. Also, you’re not developing your abilities and you become stagnant.

Here’s some good news! The benefits of being a misfit outweigh the problems.

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Let’s Explore The Benefits Of Being A Misfit

Benefits Include:

1. Thinking For Yourself:

When you’re a misfit, you’re the ultimate critical thinker. Since you’re able to naturally think outside the box and not automatically accept what you hear, you’re able to formulate opinions not based on mainstream thinking.

As a result, you’re able to come up with your own original ideas. Also, you’re able to come up with unique solutions to problems.

For example, you might have a great idea for a new product. Then, you’re able to apply it to a problem you’re solving.

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2. Unwillingness To Change Who You Are:

Being a misfit involves sticking to your personal beliefs and values. Even when you’re interacting with the ‘popular’ group, you don’t change to fit in.

When you’re a misfit, you tend to live with more integrity. If the ‘popular’ group dislikes someone, you’ll stand your ground and not give in to group think.

If the group ends up rejecting you, you’re ok with it. At least you have your integrity!

3. Being More Likely To Achieve Your Goals:

When you’re a misfit, it’s easier to go against the grain. Since you don’t follow cultural norms that might go against your goals, you’re able to take action to reach them.

Also, you avoid the brainwashing that everyone else gets from the media, your parents, teachers and especially from politicians. Being a misfit equips you with the inner wisdom to achieve a goal.

4. You’re More Flexible:

Since misfits don’t give in to group think, you’re able to be flexible toward change.

Many people who go along with group think have a harder time being flexible.

Being part of a group makes them feel safe. As a result, they’re less likely to take risks and think outside the box when they need to adapt to change.

Since misfits have a lifetime of experience with rejection as well as being outcasts, they tend to be more independent.

As a result, misfits tend to be more flexible.

5. Misfits Are More Likely To Be Successful:

Misfits are able to think outside the box, have more integrity, have the inner wisdom to achieve goals and also more flexible toward change. These are ingredients for success, whether you’re setting a goal to make more money, lose weight or even hike a mountain.

It might be a cultural norm to not get outside your comfort zone. Even if there’s a chance for a better life, it’s too hard to feel uncomfortable.

A misfit tends to reject cultural norms and go by their own rules. Sometimes their rules end up making them successful.

Once you realize the benefits of being a misfit, you’ll find that it’s not a bad thing to be one! Especially if you accomplished things that no one else has.

Are You A Misfit?

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