Benefits Of Owning A Cat

What are the benefits of owning a cat? Are there health benefits? Do you feel less stress? Does it improve your overall wellbeing. Let’s explore it further!

Here’s an interesting fact! Cats are the most popular pets in the world, they outnumber dogs 3 to 1.

These mysterious creatures have conquered the internet as well as our hearts.

Cats are popular because they’re mysterious as well as beautiful. They’re independent as well as low maintenance. Why do cats bring so much benefit to our lives?

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Are Cats Right For You?

Being a cat owner can benefit anyone. However, if you’re naturally a cat person, you might get more benefit from it.

How Do You Know you’re A Cat Person?

Being a cat person means that you value alone time, you’re likely a misfit and you like to relax.

If you value alone time and need a lot of it, owning a cat is right for you. Cats are independent and they usually want less attention than dogs. Also, you may not always need your cat to be near you at all times.

It’s common for a cat person to be a misfit because they tend to do things their own way. Cats are the same way, so it’s a match made in heaven.

If you like to have a flexible schedule as part of a good work-life balance, you’re a cat person. Being flexible allows for more time to relax, also your cat has a similar schedule.

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Let’s Explore The Benefits Of Owning A Cat!

Let’s explore some of the benefits of owning a cat. It can help you boost your overall wellbeing and live a happier life.

Benefits Include:

1. Good For The Heart:

Did you know that owning a cat lowers your risk for heart disease?

Both dogs and cats help lower blood pressure every time you pet them. As a result, you’ll have a healthier heart and be at a lower risk for a heart attack.

2. Cats Reduce Stress:

Being a cat owner not only means lower blood pressure, but also calmer nerves.

One session of petting your cat means a better day because there’s less anxiety and stress.

3. Cats Are Therapeutic:

Cats along with dogs play a role as therapy animals.

A therapy cat is trained to provide support to humans who need it. They’re often called upon to provide not only emotional support, but also physical as well as medical support.

Therapy cats help comfort those dealing with disabilities as well as mental disorders. These cats provided much needed companion support.

4. A Cat Provides A Real Friendship:

If you’re a cat person, you’ll know cats are selective about who they bond with. If you’re the one they choose, you’ll have a real bond with your furry misfit friend.

Cats are stereotyped as being unfriendly and aloof, which is not true at all. They require the humans in their lives to work for their affection.

5. Cats Make You Smarter:

Trying to figure out how to win your cat’s affection will make you smarter. Also, trying to figure out how to train your fellow misfit can boost your brain power.

Studies show that cat people tend to score higher on intelligence tests. Also, they tend to be more open minded, sensitive as well as patient.

6. Cats Boost Your Energy And Health:

Have you watched a cat video on the internet and felt an energy boost? Cats bring joy to your life not just online, but in person as well. As a result, you feel a boost in energy because you’re feeling happier.

Overtime, you’ll notice not only an energy boost, but also a health boost.

Cat owners along with dog owners are not only healthier, they stay healthy longer.


Having a cat is beneficial for both cat people and non cat people. If you had a lifetime of experience with owning cats, please share your knowledge with someone who is interesting in learning more about them.

Do You Have A Cat?

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