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Hi!!! I’m Mike!! Bipolar Strategist/Health Advocate/Blogger!! Nice To Meet You!!!

I help individuals with bipolar disorder develop coping strategies, so they can live a happier and more productive life.

For example someone who is recovering from bipolar disorder is trying to get back to a normal life. However, they’re afraid they’ll relapse back to where they were before. When they learn and develop coping strategies for bipolar disorder along with taking medication, they improve their outcomes.

Coping strategies are important for someone who is newly diagnosed and is facing adversity. They might have a hard time coping with their new reality of living with a highly stigmatized mental illness. They might face higher levels of stress and anxiety as a result, when this happens they may end up feeling worse about themselves. Coping strategies help with not only coping with that stress and anxiety, but they also help with taking action to overcome adversity.

Another individual who would benefit from coping strategies would be someone who is “high functioning” bipolar disorder. This is someone who would benefit from learning how to cope with lingering symptoms such as anxiety, stress as well as sleep problems. A coping strategy that would help them is practicing good sleep hygiene, which we talk about in the blog. When sleep improves, symptoms improve.

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If you’re interested in learning more about coping strategies, please click below to download your free guide:

10 Coping Strategies For Bipolar Disorder!

About Me

My Story

Starting about six years ago I left my job as a Service Technician. The hours were long and the pay was low.

After starting off as a writer/blogger then later a Bipolar Disorder Strategist I finally had the flexibility to address health problems that were put on the back burner.

My health problems were related to bipolar disorder. As a result I dealt with severe sleep apnea, weight gain, high blood pressure, depression as well as anxiety. A sleep study was done and a CPAP machine was prescribed and as a result my symptoms improved.

Also, I started to work on getting my bipolar symptoms under control. It turned out that I was on too high of a dose of an antidepressant that took forever to taper off of.

Tapering off of an antidepressant I was chemically dependent on was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. As a result my bipolar symptoms started to improve.

Please talk to your doctor if you’re having a problem with a medication!!!!

My health started to improve, but it wasn’t optimal. It was around this time when my journey toward self-improvement began. I started by getting into shape by taking up hiking, biking and weight lifting and learned more about nutrition as well as holistic health. 

My knowledge as well as experiences come together for the Mindful Mastermind. I also study topics related to self-help as well as mental health.

What Is Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar disorder is a mental health disorder marked by mood swings.

These are extremely high moods (mania) as well as low moods (depression).

These mood swings result in changes in energy, activity levels, concentration as well as changes in how day-to-day tasks are carried out.

Along with mood swings there are other symptoms of bipolar disorder as well. For example changes in sleep patterns as well as how you think are symptoms.

Bipolar disorder is treated with therapy as well as medication. However, that’s only part of your treatment. Another part includes developing coping strategies that help you manage your symptoms.

This blog was started to help those with bipolar disorder develop coping strategies they can use in their own lives.

What Is A Mastermind?

A mastermind is someone who has an outstanding intellect. As a result they plan and direct ingenious and complex enterprises.

People from different walks of life can be described as masterminds. They include inventors, intellectuals, artists as well as famous geniuses like Albert Einstein.

Being intelligent or smart means that you have an easier time processing as well as understanding information.

Most people think that intelligence and wisdom are one and the same. Wisdom is the soundness of an action or decision with regard to the application of experience, knowledge as well as good judgment.

What Is A Mindful Mastermind?

A form of practical wisdom such as mindfulness teaches you how to think about and apply what you have learned.

We might learn things that cause our minds to wander toward negative thoughts. As a result it leads to limiting beliefs and anxiety that we try to control.

Mindfulness makes you aware that this is happening. Then you accept what is happening and lose yourself within your heart space. Finally you feel inner peace after letting go of negative thoughts that don’t serve you.

Becoming a Mindful Mastermind can help you manage and also overcome symptoms of bipolar disorder. As a result you’ll learn the wisdom to live a happy and more functional life.

I became a Mindful Mastermind to help millennials who are feeling boxed in by their bipolar diagnosis and breakup that box and also overcome stigma.

They become empowered with the wisdom as well as become educated on how to look at the bipolar brain in a perspective that allows them freedom.

A freedom and wisdom that allows them to shift into a refreshed understanding of how to view the disorder as well as use creative holistic strategies. As a result they expand their lives and end the victimization of medical diagnosis.

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