Self Perception

Self-perception is how to see yourself as well as the world.

Learning How To Think Critically

Learning how to think critically is a very important. It’s a skill that helps you think outside the box to solve problems as well as be open minded toward other view points. Let’s dive into critical thinking! What Is Critical Thinking? Critical thinking involves analyzing available facts, evidence, observations as well as arguments to form …

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Let’s Explore Normalcy Bias

Let’s Explore Normalcy Bias Normalcy bias is a mental state people enter when faced with a disaster or a potential disaster. It’s also known as status quo bias or the ostrich effect. It means to be in denial that trouble is ahead. Normalcy bias causes you to downplay the possibility of a disaster occurring and …

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How To Stop A Panic Attack?

What Is A Panic Attack? How do you know you’re having one? What causes them? How do you stop a panic attack? At the end of this post, don’t forget to check out our new Bipolar Strategist School! What Is A Panic Attack? A panic attack is a sudden episode of intense fear. When you’re …

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The Connection Between Bipolar Disorder And Boredom

What is Boredom? Is there a connection between bipolar disorder and boredom? What Does It Mean To Be Bored? Boredom is a state of not feeling interested in your surroundings. Also it means to have nothing to do as well as having a feeling that life is dull. It can be a normal response to …

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How To Overcome Social Anxiety?

Let’s explore social anxiety. What role does it play in your mental health? Is it due to being shy or are you dealing with anxiety and depression?! Is social anxiety a symptom of a much bigger problem? Most importantly how do you overcome social anxiety? What Is Social Anxiety? Social Anxiety comes from the fear …

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The Benefits of Leaving Your Comfort Zone.

In this blog post we’ll be talking about the benefits of leaving your comfort zone. My Anxiety Story I was dealing with a life full of chaos due to financial, mental as well as physical health problems for 5 years. These were problems went hand-in-hand with anxiety. When my life was becoming less chaotic and …

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B Vitamins For A Better Mind!

What are B Vitamins? B vitamins are a class of water-soluble vitamins. They help maintain good health and also well being.  Along with being the building blocks for a healthy body. They also have a direct impact on your energy levels, cell metabolism and also brain health. B vitamins play a vital role in producing …

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How To Improve Brain Fog?

What is Brain Fog? Let’s explore what causes brain fog and also how to improve it naturally. The term “brain fog” is not a medical condition. It is used to describe symptoms that can affect your ability to think.  When you’re feeling anxious, confused, disorganized, finding it hard to focus. Also, if you’re having a …

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Probiotics For Bipolar Disorder

In this post we’ll be exploring the role probiotics play in managing bipolar disorder. What Are Probiotics? Probiotics are live good bacteria that you consume. They help keep your body healthy and also working well. Probiotics are part of your body’s microbiome aka your “gut”. They play a role in helping as well as restoring …

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