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the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.
How To Be "High Functioning" Bipolar?

How To Be “High Functioning” Bipolar?

What does “high functioning” bipolar mean? Does it mean that you don’t need help? Do you have less severe symptoms? Before we answer these questions lets learn about bipolar disorder. What Is Bipolar Disorder? Bipolar Disorder is a mental disorder that causes unusual shifts in mood. It causes shifts in energy, activity levels and focus. …

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How To Stop Social Media Triggers?!

How To Stop Social Media Triggers?!

Social Media is a big part of 21st century life. Using it has brought benefits to its users, however using social media has a lot of triggering effects like loneliness, anxiety as well as depression. Let’s learn how to stop social media triggers! What Is Social Media? Social Media refers to websites and also applications …

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Tips For Stopping Self-Hatred

What Is Self-Hatred? Self-hatred means that you don’t love yourself. It makes you feel like you’re not good enough. Also, it causes you to feel anxious and depressed. Self sabotage and other bad behaviors, along with not living the life you want happens when you don’t love yourself. What Causes Self-Hatred? Self-hatred comes from a …

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Rediscovering Self Confidence After A Setback

Let’s explore rediscovering self confidence after a setback. Life is strange!  Sometimes you win and other times you lose.  When life is going well you feel good about yourself. Life also throws you curveballs that set you back. Most setbacks are minor and don’t throw your life off track. They include being turned down for …

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Coping With Post-2020 Chaos

In the aftermath of 2020 there’s going to be a lot of uncertainty ahead.  It’s not the same world as it was just a year ago. What was a world of order and certainty is now being replaced with a new one of chaos and uncertainty.  Let’s learn about Coping With Post-2020 Chaos! What Is …

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Applying 2020 Lessons To Your Life

Let’s explore applying 2020 lessons to your life! The year 2020 was described as being a “Dumpster Fire”! It taught us to apply many lessons to our lives. The term “Dumpster Fire” describes something that’s a colossal mess. It’s something that no one wants to deal with and also makes someone very anxious. Year Of …

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Importance of Having A Purpose

Let’s explore the importance of having a purpose! What Is Purpose? Purpose is a reason why something is done or used. It also refers to the feeling of being determined to do or achieve something. Most adults want to live a purposeful and fulfilling life. They want to improve themselves and also give back to …

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Can Anxiety Become A Superpower?

Here is an interesting question! Can Anxiety Become A Superpower? Someone who suffers an anxiety disorder can see the world differently. As a result they have abilities that someone who doesn’t have one. A different brain of a chronic anxiety sufferer helps them develop a sixth sense as well as be an empath. This is …

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Coping Through Cooking

Let’s take a look at coping through cooking! Have you ever had a bipolar disorder coping strategy that became a passion?  Did this passion help you reduce your symptoms and at the same time fill the room with delicious smells?! Coping Through Mindfulness I’ve had bipolar disorder my whole life. Along with medication and therapy, …

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Tips For Improving Your Self-Perception

Today’s post is a follow up of a blog post I wrote about “Turning Anxiety Into a Super Power”. I mentioned that change in my self-perception was one of the changes I made in my life to overcome the worst of my mental health issues. What is Perception? Perception is how we see ourselves and …

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