Health is the state of being free from illness or injury.


Let’s Explore Blogging

What is blogging? How does it benefit you? Let’s explore blogging! What Is Blogging? Blogging refers to media that’s self-published online in a blog, whether it’s written content or photography. A blog is a website that allows you to post or self-publish content in reverse chronological order. For example, new posts first appear at the …

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Digital Nomads In A Nutshell

What Is a digital nomad? Are you curious about how they can work in different places? What skills do you need? What Are Digital Nomads? A digital nomad is a person who works entirely online while traveling. They’re remote workers who use modern technologies to work in coffee shops, hotels, co-working spaces, libraries as well …

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Let’s Explore Van Life

Have you heard of the van life? Is it a realistic way to live? What are the drawbacks? Let’s explore van life? What Is Van Life? Van life is a lifestyle of living in a vehicle either full or part time. It’s adopted by many nomads looking for an alternative lifestyle or anyone looking to …

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The Benefits Of Gardening

Gardening is a popular activity during the warmer months. Have you wondered about some of its benefits? Let’s explore the benefits of gardening! Gardening In A Nutshell Gardening involves the tending and cultivating of a garden, especially for fun. Having a garden not only involves growing ornamental plants but also fruits and vegetables. Ornamental plants …

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Let’s Explore Soft Skills

In today’s post, let’s explore soft skills! What Are Soft Skills? Soft skills are non-technical abilities that are desirable in all lines of work. They’re a mix of people skills, common sense as well as emotional intelligence. Also, soft skills represent personality traits that are needed to be successful in a certain role. Soft skills …

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Let’s Explore Normalcy Bias

Let’s Explore Normalcy Bias Normalcy bias is a mental state people enter when faced with a disaster or a potential disaster. It’s also known as status quo bias or the ostrich effect. It means to be in denial that trouble is ahead. Normalcy bias causes you to downplay the possibility of a disaster occurring and …

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Let’s Explore Workplace Burnout!

The Great Resignation is a phenomenon that involves millions of people resigning from their jobs. Is it because of COVID-19 related burnout or is it due to a bigger problem? Now, Let’s Explore Workplace Burnout! What Is Burnout? Burnout is a physical, mental as well as emotional response to long-term or repeated stress. It can …

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Are You Reaching Your Breaking Point?

Are you feeling stressed out? Is it possible that you’re feeling burn out or is it something bigger? Are you reaching your breaking point? When you’re stressed out about dieting, are you ready to quit? If you’re reaching a breaking point with a relationship, you want to break down and cry? Are you having long …

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How To Not Fall Prey To A Mob?!

What is a mob? Is it the same as a group? What happens when you fall prey to one? Want to learn how to not fall prey to a mob?! What Is A Group And When Is It A Mob? A group is a number of people who gather together or have some unifying relationship. …

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How To Stop A Panic Attack?

What Is A Panic Attack? How do you know you’re having one? What causes them? How do you stop a panic attack? At the end of this post, don’t forget to check out our new Bipolar Strategist School! What Is A Panic Attack? A panic attack is a sudden episode of intense fear. When you’re …

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