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How Probiotics Help With Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar II is a type of bipolar disorder that consists of depressive and hypomanic episodes. 

Depressive episodes include sadness or hopelessness. 

Hypomanic episodes include symptoms such as a persistent elevated or irritable mood, 

anxiety, decreased need for sleep and increased self esteem. 

Factors such as poor gut health make bipolar ii worse, but there is 

a solution.

Your gut is home to your microbiome, which is the trillions of bacteria and yeast. 

It’s not only home to 80% of your immune system, but also 95% of the neurotransmitter 


Your gut is often called your “second brain”.

When your microbiome is disrupted it leads to inflammation, which is caused by processed 

foods, exposure to chemicals, the immune system attacking an infection, taking antibiotics 

and some prescription drugs. 

Bipolar II symptoms are made worse by gut inflammation, because it disrupts the production 

of serotonin and makes symptoms such as anxiety and depression worse.

Symptoms were still occurring despite taking 150 mg of an SSRI, so a probiotic was taken to 

supplement it. Symptoms were becoming minimized.

Not all probiotics are created equal. The one mentioned  is specifically for boosting mood, 

immune system and digestion, along with minimizing bipolar symptoms taking a probiotic has 

been proven to help you lose weight helped me lose weight as well. 

The specific probiotic product that’s recommended by me is Garden of Life. 

Before you take any supplement please talk to 

your doctor.

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