How To Advocate For Your Mental Health?

In this post we’ll explore how to self advocate for your mental health! What Does It Mean? To advocate is to publicly support or recommend a specific cause or policy. For example a mental health advocate supports or fights for those with mental illness. They also share personal stories as well as helping and inspiring… Continue reading How To Advocate For Your Mental Health?

Let’s Explore Endorphins

Let’s Explore Endorphins  In our last post we explored dopamine. It’s a brain chemical that plays a role in motivation, emotions as well as mood. The imbalance of dopamine plays a role in bipolar disorder symptoms. Learning how to manage this imbalance with therapy, medication as well as lifestyle changes are keys to a better… Continue reading Let’s Explore Endorphins

Balancing Dopamine For A Better Mind

Dopamine is a brain chemical called a neurotransmitter. It’s made in your body and it’s used by your nervous system to send messages between nerve cells. It plays a role in how we feel pleasure. Let’s Explore Dopamine?! Dopamine is a chemical that makes you feel good. According to, it plays a role in… Continue reading Balancing Dopamine For A Better Mind

How To Fight Depression?

Let’s explore how to fight depression?! Is it temporary or is it long term like clinical depression. What are some symptoms of depression? Is it a normal response to a life event or is it something more serious? What can you do about it? Let’s find out!! What Is Depression? Depression is a mood disorder.… Continue reading How To Fight Depression?

How To Improve Brain Fog?

What is Brain Fog? Let’s explore what causes brain fog and also how to improve it naturally. The term “brain fog” is not a medical condition. It is used to describe symptoms that can affect your ability to think.  When you’re feeling anxious, confused, disorganized, finding it hard to focus. Also, if you’re having a… Continue reading How To Improve Brain Fog?

Habits That Lead To Success

What Are Habits? Habits are routine behaviors that are repeated regularly and tend to happen without thinking about them. They are automatic responses to specific situations that can be either good or bad. What Are Some Examples? Examples of habits include everyday essential tasks such as taking a shower, brushing your teeth or getting dressed… Continue reading Habits That Lead To Success

What Are Some Benefits To Being Authentic?

What are some benefits to being authentic? What Is Being An Authentic Self? Being authentic is to come from a real place within yourself. It’s when your actions and words align with your beliefs and values. Also, it’s not caring about what other people think of you, especially when you’re expressing your whole self genuinely.… Continue reading What Are Some Benefits To Being Authentic?

Tips For Stopping Self-Hatred

What Is Self-Hatred? Self-hatred means that you don’t love yourself. It makes you feel like you’re not good enough. Also, it causes you to feel anxious and depressed. Self sabotage and other bad behaviors, along with not living the life you want happens when you don’t love yourself. What Causes Self-Hatred? Self-hatred comes from a… Continue reading Tips For Stopping Self-Hatred

Applying 2020 Lessons To Your Life

Let’s explore applying 2020 lessons to your life! The year 2020 was described as being a “Dumpster Fire”! It taught us to apply many lessons to our lives. The term “Dumpster Fire” describes something that’s a colossal mess. It’s something that no one wants to deal with and also makes someone very anxious. Year Of… Continue reading Applying 2020 Lessons To Your Life

Tips For Improving Your Self-Perception

Today’s post is a follow up of a blog post I wrote about “Turning Anxiety Into a Super Power”. I mentioned that change in my self-perception was one of the changes I made in my life to overcome the worst of my mental health issues. What is Perception? Perception is how we see ourselves and… Continue reading Tips For Improving Your Self-Perception